How Many Trips Do International Parents Have to Take to the United States During a Surrogacy?

Many countries in the world ban surrogacy outright or have laws in place that make it very difficult for couples to seek surrogacy in their own country. As a result, many couples turn to the United States, where most states offer a supportive legal environment for surrogacy, some of the most advanced reproductive technology in the world, high quality healthcare for surrogate mothers, and many surrogacy agencies with excellent reputations (including Circle of Life Surrogacy).

Still, making the decision to move forward with surrogacy in the United States will require a big investment of time, emotions, and financial savings for international parents. […]

How to Explain Surrogacy to Your Children

When I decided to become a surrogate mother for the first time, my young daughter, Chelsea, became convinced that “Mommy” was going to give away her new baby brother or sister. The decision to become a surrogate affects your whole family, including your children. I’ve now been a surrogate three times, starting when my children were toddlers, to my latest surrogacy when Chelsea had already graduated college. So, I’ve had a lot of practice explaining the process to them. I support being open and honest with your children about surrogacy, while shaping your explanation to suit their age and understanding.
How […]

Why Some Couples Choose Surrogacy over Adoption

The desire to be a parent is strong; in fact, it can be downright overwhelming! Maybe you dream of holding an impossibly small life in your arms or find yourself aching for all the love that you want to give to a child. If you are not able to have children of your own, your dream of parenthood isn’t over! You have options that can still put that little bundle of joy in your arms. Should you try to adopt or consider surrogacy?

Let me be very clear here, in the question of adoption versus surrogacy, there is absolutely no right […]

What does it mean to be a Gestational Surrogate?

Maybe you have seen headlines that a Gestational Surrogate has given birth for a famous couple. What about the announcement from a friend that is single, or even the same sex couple posting a picture of them holding their baby for the first time? We all feel happiness for these new parents but then our thoughts linger with questions. How did this happen? Where did they find the surrogate? Maybe I would like to be a surrogate, but how do I find out more?

What one must realize before all these questions are answered, is that often surrogacy, or some type […]

Why Surrogacy in Oregon is a Great Idea

Wow, I still can’t get over how green it is here in Oregon! After living in California for so long, I’ve become used to the dusky mountains and parched desert landscapes. Maybe that’s why Bend, Oregon stole my heart when my family and I took a vacation here in June of 2015 and why we made the momentous decision to pull up our California roots and move here. That’s right, Circle of Life Surrogacy is now right here in Bend, Oregon. Don’t worry about disruptions of service! The agency is as strong as ever, and I wouldn’t have felt comfortable […]

When Is It Time To Consider Surrogacy?

The journey to a surrogacy agency looks very different for each couple or individual we serve. Sometimes that road is short and smooth. Other times it is a long and wearying process. The decision to seek the assistance of a surrogacy agency is an incredibly personal one. For those couples who want children but cannot safely get pregnant or are having difficulty conceiving, surrogacy offers them a chance to create the family they always wanted.

Gay Couples

Surrogacy can be a great option for homosexual couples who, for obvious reasons, cannot get pregnant on their own. An additional benefit of surrogacy is […]

Future Parents – Should You Try to Find Your Own Surrogate or Use An Agency?

If you are reading this blog post, I assume it is because you have been thinking about surrogacy a lot lately. You are looking forward to the pitter patter of tiny feet in your home but are having trouble becoming pregnant on your own or require the assistance of a surrogate to complete your family. Surrogacy is a great option to bring a biological child into the world by using the womb of a third party – your surrogate. Now is the time to decide whether you would like to try to find a surrogate on your own or to […]

Would You Make a Good Surrogate? Our Surrogacy Standards Explained

For many surrogacy agencies, including Circle of Life Surrogacy, one of the biggest challenges we face is building up our database of qualified surrogates. This might be surprising to you. After all, our surrogates can make anywhere from $25,000 to $45,000, and that’s not including all the perks like a clothing allowance, health insurance, life insurance, and even optional nutritional counseling. Why, then, would it be so hard to find a few good surrogates?

The reason is because in order to make a good surrogate, a woman must meet a strict set of standards to ensure that they are ready for […]

Let’s Make It Three – My Final and Most Nerve-Wracking Surrogacy

For those of you who have been with this blog from the beginning, you know that I don’t just own a surrogacy agency; I have been a surrogate myself, twice. The first blog I ever posted chronicled my journey. Well, the journey is continuing. That’s right, at this very moment a new little life is growing inside me.

Jumping In for a Third Time

Pregnancy is not a walk in the park. Or if it is…it’s a slow, shambling walk on swollen ankles with frequent pee breaks and perhaps a stopover at the trashcan for a bout of wonderful morning sickness. So […]

Surrogates — Should You Go the Independent Route or Sign Up with a Surrogacy Agency?

As you may know from my personal surrogacy journey, when I first heard about surrogacy in 2001, it was a relatively new idea. I was living in Delaware at the time, and there were no surrogacy agencies close to where I lived. When I decided to become a surrogate, I didn’t have any choice but to do it myself as an independent surrogate. Today, you can find surrogacy agencies all across the country, including my agency — Circle of Life Surrogacy.

If you’ve ever thought of becoming a surrogate, one of the first big choices you have to make is whether […]

How We Match Surrogates and Future Parents

One of the greatest responsibilities of a surrogacy agency is matching the right surrogate to the right couple or individual wishing to have a child. At Circle of Life Surrogacy, we don’t take this responsibility lightly. A surrogate and future parents are bound together in a very personal and unique way. This bond usually lasts far longer than just the nine months of a surrogate’s pregnancy. In fact, I am still very close with both families that I served as a surrogate, and I feel very connected to the two beautiful girls I gave birth to.

With this in mind, I […]

Why I Am Using Acupuncture During IVF

So, I have a little surprise to share with readers. If you read my personal journey from surrogate to owner of a surrogacy agency, then you know that I’ve been a surrogate twice (in 2002 and 2013). Well, I must love being pregnant, because I have decided to give it another go.

Actually, the true reason behind this third (and final, I believe) surrogacy journey, is because I absolutely love helping couples become parents. As I grow older, my biological ability to be an ideal surrogate is quickly diminishing. In other words, the surrogacy window is closing for me, so it’s […]

How I Went From Being A Surrogate (Twice!) To Opening My Own Surrogacy Agency

In 2001, I could have never imagined that I would one day open my own surrogacy agency. At that time I was a single mother struggling to make it through nursing school. I loved helping people, and to be honest, I needed a way to earn extra income for my family. One day I saw an interview on TV with a surrogate and was instantly intrigued. Surrogacy was still a relatively new practice back then, and I had never heard about it before.

Something about surrogacy called to me. Here was a way I could earn good money while still going […]