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How Many Trips Do International Parents Have to Take to the United States During a Surrogacy?

Many countries in the world ban surrogacy outright or have laws in place that make it very difficult for couples to seek surrogacy in their own country. As a result, many couples turn to the United States, where most states offer a supportive legal environment for surrogacy, some of the most advanced reproductive technology in […]

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Why Some Couples Choose Surrogacy over Adoption

The desire to be a parent is strong; in fact, it can be downright overwhelming! Maybe you dream of holding an impossibly small life in your arms or find yourself aching for all the love that you want to give to a child. If you are not able to have children of your own, your […]

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What does it mean to be a Gestational Surrogate?

Maybe you have seen headlines that a Gestational Surrogate has given birth for a famous couple. What about the announcement from a friend that is single, or even the same sex couple posting a picture of them holding their baby for the first time? We all feel happiness for these new parents but then our […]

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Why Surrogacy in Oregon is a Great Idea

Wow, I still can’t get over how green it is here in Oregon! After living in California for so long, I’ve become used to the dusky mountains and parched desert landscapes. Maybe that’s why Bend, Oregon stole my heart when my family and I took a vacation here in June of 2015 and why we […]

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Future Parents – Should You Try to Find Your Own Surrogate or Use An Agency?

If you are reading this blog post, I assume it is because you have been thinking about surrogacy a lot lately. You are looking forward to the pitter patter of tiny feet in your home but are having trouble becoming pregnant on your own or require the assistance of a surrogate to complete your family. […]

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How We Match Surrogates and Future Parents

One of the greatest responsibilities of a surrogacy agency is matching the right surrogate to the right couple or individual wishing to have a child. At Circle of Life Surrogacy, we don’t take this responsibility lightly. A surrogate and future parents are bound together in a very personal and unique way. This bond usually lasts […]

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