Complete Your Family With The Help Of Surrogacy

Circle of Life Surrogacy is a personalized boutique agency centered on the principles of giving and receiving. We truly believe that the more you give in life, the more you’ll receive as well, which is why we take great satisfaction in helping individuals and couples become parents. Our agency specializes in providing one-on-one services to both our clients and the high-quality surrogates we work with. We become invested in each and every surrogacy journey, listening to worries, celebrating with clients, and feeling that unbeatable sense of joy when a new and welcomed life enters the world. Circle of Life Surrogacy welcomes all clients regardless of race, religion, marital status, or sexual orientation.

Circle of Life Surrogacy is one of the most affordable surrogacy agencies in the industry, but that doesn’t mean we cut any corners. We offer personalized and unparalleled attention, guidance, and support every step of the way. We also carefully screen all of our surrogates so that you will be matched with a high-quality surrogate and have a positive surrogacy experience.

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“Great experience…..Circle of Life Surrogacy did an exceptional job in matching a gestational carrier that was perfect for me. Circle of Life was there the entire journey. Thanks to Circle of Life Surrogacy, I have 2 adorable babies!”
Thomas A., California

What We Do

Think of us as the captain of your ship throughout your surrogacy journey. We will guide you through all the twists and turns and help you reach your desired destination. Our services include:

  • Matching you with a qualified surrogate
  • Facilitating all meetings and communication with your surrogate
  • Recommending legal, fertility, and medical support services
  • Guiding your surrogate through the IVF process, pregnancy, and birth
  • Giving you regular and frequent updates on the pregnancy
  • Overseeing all your required paperwork, including your surrogacy contract, birth certificate, and the baby’s passport if necessary
  • Providing health and holistic wellness services for your surrogate to help ensure a healthy, event-free pregnancy
  • Facilitation of psychological support for you if requested

This is just a small list of the services we provide. In truth, we are available to you and your surrogate 24/7 and do a thousand little things along the way that add up to a happy and satisfying surrogacy experience. We also offer consultant and concierge services if you would prefer to work with a surrogate of your own choosing.

Choosing the Right Surrogate


Your surrogate will be carrying your future child for nine months. That is a big responsibility, and we don’t take it lightly. At Circle of Life Surrogacy, we look for surrogates who want to be part of the circle of life and who take personal satisfaction in helping others bring life into the world. That’s why one of our primary jobs is to build up a database of qualified surrogate candidates. All of our surrogates, along with their spouses/partners, undergo a background check before they make it onto our database. We also interview each surrogate and personally visit their home as part of our vetting process. Additionally, they must meet our strict qualifications. During the pregnancy, we provide our surrogates with nutritional counseling, monthly massages, psychological counseling, and other holistic care so that they can enjoy a healthy and stress-free pregnancy. We also provide one of the most competitive surrogacy payment packages in the country, which helps us attract the best candidates.

We want you to play a big role in choosing your surrogate and being involved in her pregnancy. When we make a surrogate match, you and the surrogate will meet via video call or in person to introduce yourselves. You must approve of the surrogate, and she must approve of you before the process can begin. We encourage you to communicate with your surrogate regularly throughout the surrogacy process. You are also welcomed to attend any major appointments, or we can attend on your behalf.

shutterstock_93742219Surrogacy Fees

Circle of Life Surrogacy is one of the most competitively priced surrogacy agencies in the country. We know that surrogacy can be an expensive prospect for working families, which is why we keep our overhead low and pass the savings onto you. Visit our Surrogacy Fees page to learn more about the specific costs of our surrogacy services.

Oregon is One of the Best States for Surrogacy

We are very happy to work with individuals and couples from different states and from around the world. International individuals and couples are invited to read our International page for more information on arranging for surrogacy in Oregon.

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