One of the Lowest Agency Fees In The Industry

Surrogacy can be an expensive endeavor, and you must carefully review the fees involved to make sure you are comfortable with the financial commitment that surrogacy requires.  At Circle of Life Surrogacy, we want to make surrogacy as affordable as possible while maintaining the highest quality standards. We keep our overhead costs low so that we can offer one of the lowest agency rates in the industry to future parents.

Not every surrogacy agency lists their rates, but we want to help you be as informed as possible about the costs involved with surrogacy. Below, you’ll find a basic pricing outline for our services.

Circle of Life Surrogacy Agency Fee ---- $20,500

The agency fee covers the cost of our services in matching you with a surrogate, performing a background check on the surrogate and her spouse/partner, providing a psychological evaluation of the surrogate, guiding you through the surrogacy process, and overseeing the entire surrogacy experience for both you and your surrogate. We ask for payment in three installments:

  • First payment:  $8,000 due upon signing of agency agreement
  • Second payment:  $7,500 due upon signing of surrogacy contract
  • Third payment:  $5,000 due upon confirmation of pregnancy by ultrasound

We are also happy to offer consultative or concierge services if you do not require the full breadth of our normal assistance. For instance, if you would prefer to work with a pre-chosen surrogate, we can offer you a prorated agency fee.

Circle of Life Surrogacy Agency Fee for International Parents --- $22,500

The extra fees paid by international parents help us with costs related to successfully coordinating this more complex process. For example, these fees may go towards hiring a translator, mailing documents overseas, international calling, etc…

We ask for payment in three installments:

  • First Payment:  $10,000 due upon signing of agency agreement
  • Second Payment:  $7,500 due upon signing of surrogacy contract
  • Third Payment:  $5,000 due upon confirmation of pregnancy by ultrasound

Surrogate Compensation Package

Most of our surrogates are very selfless individuals who choose surrogacy, because they want to help parents in need. However, that’s not to say that they don’t deserve compensation for all that they sacrifice. At Circle of Life Surrogacy, we provide surrogates with one of the highest compensation packages in the industry in order to attract the best and most reliable candidates.

A surrogate’s fee will be paid in monthly installments following confirmation of pregnancy by ultrasound.

  • Surrogate Base Fee — $40,000
  • Twins –  +$5,000
  • Triplets –  +$10,000

Future parents will also be expected to pay additional costs on behalf of the surrogate that are not included in this fee, including, but not limited to:

  • Monthly Misc. Expenses – $2,400-$3,600
  • Completion of Medical and Psychological Screening – $250
  • Embryo Transfer Fee – $1,500
  • Confirmation of Fetal Heartbeat – $500
  • Monthly Psychological Support – $2,500
  • Nutritional Counseling – $300
  • Maternity Clothing Allowance –  $1,000
  • Housekeeping Allowance – $1,000
  • One Year Term Life Insurance Valued at $250,000 – Price Varies
  • Annual Spa Retreat – $500

Surrogate Medical Expenses

Future parents will also be asked to cover all medical expenses related to a surrogate’s impregnation, pregnancy care, and delivery. This includes, but is not limited to the cost of:

  • Medical Screening for Surrogate / Partner
  • Health Insurance Premiums (if needed)
  • Medications Related to IVF Embryo Transfer Procedure and Pregnancy
  • Regular OB/GYN Checkups
  • Delivery and Hospital Care for Both Surrogate and Baby
  • Additional Medical Costs Related to the Pregnancy (ex. Cesarean Section)*

*These costs vary depending on the pregnancy.

Other Costs to Consider

The costs above represent the major fees related to using a surrogacy service, but future parents should also be prepared to pay for the following if the need applies:

  • Attorney fees for drafting and review of legal documents for both future parents and surrogates
  • Cost of egg/sperm donation
  • Travel expenses related to IVF transfer
  • Lost wages for surrogate related to physician ordered bedrest
  • Hotel or accommodation costs if traveling from out of state or overseas
  • Preparation for baby (cloths, crib, car seat, stroller, etc…)

Please contact us if you have any questions about our fees.