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Oregon laws are very friendly to surrogacy, and it is a beautiful place for future parents to visit during the surrogacy process!
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Wow, I still can’t get over how green it is here in Oregon! After living in California for so long, I’ve become used to the dusky mountains and parched desert landscapes. Maybe that’s why Bend, Oregon stole my heart when my family and I took a vacation here in June of 2015 and why we made the momentous decision to pull up our California roots and move here. That’s right, Circle of Life Surrogacy is now right here in Bend, Oregon. Don’t worry about disruptions of service! The agency is as strong as ever, and I wouldn’t have felt comfortable moving here if I didn’t believe with all my heart that Oregon is one of the best destinations in the world for surrogacy. Surrogacy in Oregon is a great option for both U.S. and international parents.

If you are considering hiring a surrogacy agency, you must certainly consider the agency’s reputation and experience when making your decision, but don’t forget to consider their location. There are no federal laws in the United States regarding surrogacy, which means that it falls to each individual state to make their own laws. Certain states have very favorable laws that support surrogacy and protect the rights of parents, while other states outlaw surrogacy outright! The state where your surrogate delivers your baby (NOT the state where you live) will determine what law applies.

Oregon does not have any laws on its books restricting surrogacy, which makes it a surrogacy-friendly state. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider working with a surrogacy agency in Oregon:

Surrogacy is Legal in Oregon

The most important fact is that Oregon allows surrogacy. Not every state does! In fact, surrogacy is illegal in Oregon’s neighboring state of Washington.

Pre-Birth Orders

Oregon allows you to request a pre-birth order, which will assign you as your child’s parents. This process usually takes place during the second trimester and is often handled by an attorney. It should be noted that a pre-birth order is different than a birth certificate. You will also need to obtain a birth certificate after the birth of your child.

Birth Certificates

When your child is born, the hospital will automatically list the birth mother’s name on the child’s birth certificate. Do not worry about this. All you need to do is order a new birth certificate after the birth with your names on the certificate. This is a little extra step, but in the end, you can easily have the birth certificate corrected. You can also expedite the process to save time.

Oregon Grants Visas to International Parents

Many countries around the world do not allow surrogacy or paid surrogacy, so many international couples turn to the United States for help. Oregon makes it easy for international parents to obtain a visa and passport for their new baby so that they can quickly and easily bring their bundle of joy home.

Gay and Lesbian-Friendly

Surrogacy is open to both heterosexual and gay couples, and Oregon allows for two women or two men to be listed as a child’s parents on the birth certificate. You never have to worry that a non-biological parent won’t be listed on the birth certificate!

Oregon Offers Great Surrogacy Agencies

Of course I’m talking about Circle of Life Surrogacy! We are a caring, family-run boutique surrogacy agency that works with couples and surrogates every step of the way. We are experienced, friendly, and   understanding. We are also quickly building relationships with top fertility clinics, hospitals, and OB/GYNs in the area so that we can offer you the greatest chance possible of a successful surrogacy outcome.

Oregon is a Great Place to Visit

The greatest reward of the surrogacy process is a beautiful, healthy baby at the end, but you will need to make several trips to the United States during the process, so you might as well go somewhere great, right? Bend, Oregon, where Circle of Life Surrogacy is located, is a natural wonderland. Located in the heart of Oregon, we are right in the middle of nature, so on your visits here, you can go hiking, rafting, fishing, and kayaking in the spring and summer, and skiing in the winter. We also have a lovely, bustling downtown area. Portland, Oregon is only a short drive away.

Healthy, Happy Surrogates

Bend attracts nature lovers who care about eating right and staying healthy. That’s good news for parents who want to find responsible, healthy, and positive surrogates. We are currently recruiting potential surrogates throughout Bend, Portland, the rest of Oregon and Northern California. (Note: California is also a very surrogate-friendly state, which is why I started my agency there!) If you want great surrogates to choose from, Oregon is the place to go.

Interested in learning more about starting the surrogacy process in Oregon? We’d love to help. Contact us to schedule a consultation.