Positive pregnancy test

I get the honor of helping another couple become a family. Credit: TipsTimesAdmin, Flicker

For those of you who have been with this blog from the beginning, you know that I don’t just own a surrogacy agency; I have been a surrogate myself, twice. The first blog I ever posted chronicled my journey. Well, the journey is continuing. That’s right, at this very moment a new little life is growing inside me.

Jumping In for a Third Time

Pregnancy is not a walk in the park. Or if it is…it’s a slow, shambling walk on swollen ankles with frequent pee breaks and perhaps a stopover at the trashcan for a bout of wonderful morning sickness. So why in the world would I subject myself to this, not once, not twice, but three times?

The truth is that I love being a surrogate. Helping couples create a family brings me so much joy that I can’t even adequately explain it here. I also realized that my biological clock was starting to tick down into the red zone. Pretty soon I would age out, which meant that this was pretty much my last chance to be a surrogate, and so I took it!

Also, if we’re being completely honest, earning extra income for my family was also an added incentive. We are looking to buy a new house soon, and real estate in California isn’t cheap. One of the things I love about surrogacy is that women can make a huge difference in the lives of others while helping their own family in the process.

Meeting the Parents

After carefully considering my options, I decided to work through the agency I had used for my second surrogacy. The agency paired me with a couple from France. I eagerly read their profile, trying to learn about this new couple who could play a huge role in the next year of my life and beyond. I knew that the choice I made for this third surrogacy would add new people to my life, possibly for a lifetime!

I learned from the profile that the wife had a history of adrenal cancer, which is why the couple couldn’t get pregnant naturally. I also read that they had already tried surrogacy twice with no successful pregnancy. My heart immediately went out to this couple.

The agency arranged for me to speak with the couple over a video call. Despite the fact that this wasn’t my first surrogacy rodeo, I still felt nervous. Would they like me? Would they trust me to carry their baby? Would I like them?

Before the call, I took a deep breath and told myself what I tell the surrogates at Circle of Life Surrogacy – just be yourself. It turns out that we did click. The couple was warm and delightful and by the end of the call, I was sure that I wanted to be their surrogate. They liked me too and approved me as their surrogate. Now the preparation.

The One Shot Embryo

The IVF process is always very nerve-wracking. You know that a couple has spent thousands of dollar on this treatment and how desperately they want it to work. The stakes for this particular situation were even higher. As I mentioned, the couple already had two failed surrogacy attempts. They now only had a single embryo left that was going to be transferred into my uterus. One single shot to get this right.

My nerves were on edge, and I was so grateful for my supportive husband for helping me take the right hormones and injections to prepare my body for transfer. I also used acupuncture, as I mentioned in a previous blog post, figuring that it could only help my chances.

The day for IVF came, and I was as good of a patient as I could be. Afterwards, it was just up to that teeny embryo and my uterus. So far, my uterus had batted 100 when it came to surrogacy. Could it hit one last attempt out of the park?

Happy News!

Pretty soon, I experienced a good omen – implantation cramps. Who knew that you could actually be thrilled to get cramps? I waited a few more days and then started taking home pregnancy tests. In my previous pregnancies, those sticks lit up like Christmas trees with positive pregnancy lines even just five days after the transfer. In this instance, however, the positive pregnancy lines showed up, but they were faint. Talk about frustrating!

Finally it was time for the blood test to get a clear yes or no answer. When it came back positive, I was so elated. My super uterus had done it again! It was also a thrill knowing how much this meant for my couple. They were finally going to get their child in about nine months, assuming everything goes well from here. A second blood test a few days later showed us that my body was responding well to the pregnancy.

So there you have it. The little guy or girl is growing inside me, and I am officially a surrogate once again. I feel blessed that I get to go on this journey again; a journey that I hope will end in a dream come true for a deserving couple.

If you have ever considered being a surrogate or using surrogacy to start or expand your family, contact Circle of Life Surrogacy. We are actively seeking qualified surrogates and future parents.