Help a Family In Need… And Your Own!

The beauty of being a surrogate is that you not only get to give the precious gift of parenthood to another couple, but you can also help your own family in the process. At Circle of Life Surrogacy, we think our surrogates deserve one of the highest compensation packages in the industry for their sacrifice and their compassion. Many surrogate use this money to go back to school, buy a nice car for their family, give their kids an amazing vacation or start saving up for the kids’ college.

Our surrogate compensation package includes your base fee for being a surrogate, monthly stipends, all of your medical expenses, health insurance, life insurance, spa treatments, and much more.  We also pay bonuses for experienced surrogates and increased compensation for multiples. Payment of the base compensation is delivered to the surrogate in monthly installments after a pregnancy has been confirmed by ultrasound.

We do everything we can to make this experience comfortable and worthwhile for you!

Base Compensation:

  • First-time surrogate living in California — $40,000
  • First-time surrogate living outside of California — $35,000
  • Experienced surrogate living in California — $45,000
  • Experienced surrogate living outside of California — $40,000
  • Pregnancy with twins — + $5,000
  • Pregnancy with triplets — + $10,000


Other Benefits Covered:

  • Monthly Misc. Expense Allowance — $200/mo
  • Monthly Twins Misc. Expense Allowance — $300/mo
  • Completion of Medical/ Psychological Screening — $250
  • IVF Embryo Transfer Fee — $1,500 ($500 due at start of injections; $1,000 due at completion of transfer)
  • Confirmation of Fetal Heartbeat — $500
  • Monthly Psychological Support — $100 / mo.
  • Maternity Clothing Allowance – $1,000
  • Housekeeping Allowance — $100 / bi-weekly starting at third trimester
  • Pumping of Breast Milk — $200 / wk. (if applicable)
  • Annual Spa Retreat Valued at $500
  • Life Insurance Policy Valued at $250,000
  • Health Insurance (if needed)
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Monthly Massages
  • All Costs Related to IVF Treatment
  • All Ultrasounds and Checkups During Pregnancy
  • All Costs Related to Delivery
  • Travel Reimbursements Related to IVF
  • Childcare Costs Related to Surrogacy
  • Lost Wages Related to Surrogacy
  • Compensation if Medical issues Arise Related to Surrogacy
We truly want to provide the best support possible for our surrogates, not only financially, but emotionally as well. We hope that you will consider working with us and helping a family in need realize the joy of parenthood. Visit our Surrogate page to learn more about the surrogacy process and the minimum requirements to be a surrogate with us.

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